The meaning of different candle colors

By Ngwedi Candle Company · Jan 24, 2024
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Though red is associated with many different things, including lust, passion, and energy, red candles can be used for a variety of purposes. Red candles are also very effective at drawing in material objects. "If you've had all these goals and concepts and ideas, a red candle and a red frequency can help you materialize that and make it happen in the physical,"



According to some beliefs, orange is the colour of creation, so this candle is excellent for encouraging creativity, letting go of grudges and frustration, and embracing the feminine creator that is all of us. "An orange candle can also be used to call in new relationships, such as friendships that have deep emotional connections, and also to heal the mother's wound".



Yellow candles, as you might have imagined, are very stimulating. They are excellent for calling in focus, as well as doing inner child work and embracing your imperfections. She notes that it can also help you embrace the duality of the world "because duality comes from the mind, and yellow will help you work with your mind."



When you think green, think growth, so if you're looking to level up, this is a good candle colour to consider. Green is also commonly associated with money, though she adds that if you don't use U.S. currency, that may not resonate with you.


Light blue

According to AlMuhaiteeb, light blue has two frequencies: acceptance and truth. If you're working with either or both of those themes, whether you're having trouble accepting a situation or you want to tap into the truth, a light blue candle is a good option.



A true purple is going to be ideal for accessing the dream world, and specifically, vivid dreams. "If you're looking to explore dreams, or even access a cleansing frequency, violet is great,". This is also another good one for accessing intuition.


If you're looking for love, pink is the candle to go for. Pink is better than red when it comes to true love, as red is more about physical love or lust. "But a pink one is calling in a pure connection, so it depends on what kind of lover you're looking for in this moment".


The colour black has an association with protection, and this is true for black candles as well. You don't want to use them all the time, but rather use them for a certain amount of time for a specific thing you want protection from, and then let it go, releasing that energy. Black candles are also used to destroy negative habits and patterns.


White candles are ideal for new beginnings and fresh starts. They're great for cleansing your house, so after you cleanse the house, you can light new white candles to elevate and keep that cleansed energy. White is also a good colour for promoting peace and tranquillity.

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