Box of 6 packs of candles

Introducing our Everyday 450g Candle – the perfect blend of tranquillity and eco-conscious elegance to enhance your daily moments. Crafted with care,…

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Electronic charging Lighter
10 Personalized Event Candles

60ml Bulk Scented Personalized Candles for Events

Made from Paraffin wax

Twin stars Candle Holders

X2 Candle holders are made from clay/Cement

12 No label wholesale bulk candles

Bulk Candles Wholesale Metal lid No Label 12 pack Wholesale paraffin Jar Candles


Candle Business Guide PDF format On Sale


What's Inside:

Foundations of Candle Making: Learn the art and science of crafting beautiful, high-…

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Sunflower crochet throw blanket

This beautiful crochet blanket is handmade with Acrylic yarn and is soft, cosy and warm. The beautiful flowers make this  a stylish choice for t…

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Cement candle tray decor

Get this 3-piece cement candle/Trinket tray to add to your decor. 

Heart candle holders

X3 Cement made heart candle holders

15 six packs of candles

Save on money and buy your Ngwedi candles in bulk. Get these 6 X 6 pack candles. 

Table candles Unscented

A set of three candles of different sizes

10 small roses candles

10 small roses candles


Width: 56cm 

weight: 105g

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